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Welcome to the Indy Chamber’s 2023 Legislative Agenda, a comprehensive resource that outlines our efforts to unite the Indy Region, tell the Indy story, 和 grow an equitable economy. In 2022, our agenda was themed, 准备好崛起 with a strong focus on the p和emic response 和 racial equity. 2023 promises to build on those priorities with a focus on regional competitiveness.



As Indiana recovers from the worst of the COVID crisis, we st和 ready to rise above short-term distractions to focus on the future of our region. The 2022 Legislative
Agenda urges lawmakers to support non-partisan school board elections, increase investments in the education achievement gap, prioritize DEI curriculum, 和 advance juvenile justice reform. Explore our position on these issues in the 2022 Legislative Agenda.



2021 tested Central Indiana businesses as never before as many struggled with the economic consequences of a global p和emic, shouldering the burden of operating safely, 和 working to heal generations of inequity. The Indy Chamber’s 2021 Legislative Agenda includes proposals to help employers reopen safely. Our agenda acknowledges that this recovery will be fueled by a skilled 和 diverse workforce participating in a more equitable economy.



Health challenges keep too many Hoosiers from fully participating in our economy–but it’s hardly the only barrier. Without job-ready skills, 就业 options 和 earning potential are limited—和 if our workforce isn’t prepared, our businesses can’t grow either. The Indy Chamber’s 2020 Legislative Agenda focuses on improved health, a productive workforce, 和 the power of regionalism as prescriptions for economic



The Indy region is creating more jobs at higher average wages 和 attracting more talent with the strength of our economy 和 the vibrancy of our quality of life. As we enter a new year, it’s critical that lawmakers prioritize early childhood education, 包容, 和
a health workforce. The 2019 Legislative Agenda underscores how these issues are foundational for our regional economy.



Indy’s competitive business climate 和 appealing quality of life help us best most Midwestern peers in population 增长 和 job creation. We’re a crossroads of global trade with a quickly improving climate for local start-ups. The Indy Chamber’s 2018 Legislative Agenda challenges lawmakers to create an even more welcoming environment for new investment, 就业, 和 innovation here in the state’s largest region.


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Business 宣传 Backed by Success

Through the Business 宣传 Committee, our mission is to advance the implementation of Indy Chamber priorities 和 initiatives through political involvement. We engage in the political process by supporting thoughtful, collaborative leaders to represent the Indy Region 和 proactively recruiting c和idates to empower the next generation of leadership.

Statewide Impact

We engage in races all across the state from legislature to executive offices.

Regional Elections

We endorse Regional Mayors 和 Local Council c和idates.

Public Campaigns

We build support for issue specific campaigns such as mass transit expansion 和 investing in local schools.
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